Our Story

Highlands Coffee was founded in 2006 with the intent of bringing authentic specialty coffee beverages and pastries to the local community.

Chris and Wendy DeLong designed, owned and operated Highlands Coffee for many years. Chris is still connected to Highlands Coffee by providing consulting services when he finds himself somewhere other than the coffee house. It was the first American owned and operated coffee house within the city of Guiyang and Guizhou Province. Chris is originally from the state of Indiana in the U.S.A. but he lived in a number of different cities and states within the U.S. as well as Singapore before his arrival in China.  If Chris isn’t behind the coffee shop counter, he’s probably off having an adventure with his beautiful wife Wendy and their two incredible kids. Some of his favorite things to do include riding bicycles, going for walks, taking hikes out in nature, and canoeing. Basically, he loves the outdoors!

Highlands Coffee in Guiyang is Chris’s latest business venture, and probably the most far reaching, as it is located in China. He is thrilled with the success that Highlands Coffee has had. Highlands Coffee gives the local community an opportunity to experience a genuine American coffee house in the middle of southwest China. Whether it is espresso based beverages made with imported espresso equipment and coffee beans from around the world, our American pastries (especially our famous cheesecake) or a Panini baked and prepared in Highland’s own kitchen, guests can rest assured of getting an authentic American taste and experience.

At Highlands, you get the feeling you are right back in America. Whether you are relaxing on a soft sofa after a stressful day at work, having a business meeting during the day, studying, surfing the net on our Wi-Fi, or playing a western board game with friends, Highlands Coffee has a place for you. There are also smoking and non-smoking sections (separated by a glass wall) for the comfort of customers.

With most people spending the majority of their time at work and home, Highlands Coffee desires to be your “Third Place”, a place where you can come to relax, to play, and to learn. Since its grand opening, Highlands Coffee has had customers from over 40 countries and 20 provinces in China. Each of them experienced something special… what will you find?